Our new dandelion logo

Our new logo is the dandelion flower. When we decided that we wanted a new logo to represent Demeter Fertility’s rebranding, we went looking for something that we felt truly represented what we stood for. Having made this choice, we want to share reasons behind it with our clients and stakeholders.

The dandelion is one of the most valuable and useful plants in nature. It is has been a medicinal plant for centuries, known for its healing and medical properties. To most people however the dandelion is an annoying weed. We know what we do with weeds, they are something to be rooted out of our lawns and garden beds, but what many aren’t aware is that when cultivated, it can turn out to a most valuable plant, used in beer and wine making, salads and as a natural medicine.

At Demeter Fertility we see a very clear parallel between the perception of the dandelion in nature and peoples' perception of fertility treatment including IVF. No-one ever wants to do IVF, but if you find yourself in the position where this is the only way in which you might have a family, suddenly the value of this treatment is seen.

Our dandelion represents the seeds of opportunities, with a bend in the wind to illustrate that, even though we are in a tough market, we tailor the environment to fit individual needs. The tagline, “choosing the best for your baby”, states the focus of all activities, yours and ours and this is embodied in the focus of our company. So the value of the dandelion becomes dependent on the knowledge of the individual. Most of us don’t want it in our gardens, it doesn’t fit in. But in the right place, the cultivated dandelion will reap rewards.

Weed or herb? You decide. The value of what you see depends on who you are.

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