IVF Donor Programme

Demeter Fertility offers the most comprehensive, "no wait” donor programme in Australia. The use of IVF donor sperm and/or eggs can be a challenge and the hardest part is often finding someone to help, someone that will give you their eggs or sperm.

Demeter Fertility offers the most comprehensive, "no wait” donor programme in Australia. The use of donor sperm and/or eggs can be a challenge and the hardest part is often finding someone to help, someone that will give you their eggs or sperm.

To help in this regard, Demeter Fertility has formed liaisons with some of the most highly respected Donor Banks in North America. This means that you can browse through our affiliated donor banks or if you already have a donor, it’s time to come and see us because this is an area of fertility treatment that we excel in.

Demeter Fertility has organised a series of Service Level Agreements with a number of donor egg and sperm banks. Currently we have agreements with four donor egg banks and five sperm banks. 

We are currently in negotiation with a further three donor banks. You are able to access our partner sites and choose from the eligible donors. After selecting a donor, the eggs or sperm are then shipped to Demeter Fertility where we store them awaiting your decisions regarding use. Using the sperm and eggs with Demeter Fertility fulfils both federal and state governments' legislative requirements.

At Demeter Fertility, there is no waiting time for the use of Donor Eggs or Donor Sperm. And you can choose your donor to meet the characteristics you want! Through our unique supply agreements, Demeter Fertility is able to source donor eggs and sperm in less than two weeks for our patients seeking fertility treatment. In most IVF Clinics, donor eggs are difficult to access, with most patients needing to find their own donors or be subjected to wait times often in excess of years. And over the past decade, mainly due to Australian legislative changes, donor sperm has also become difficult to access, with many patients needing to find their own donors. With this service, Demeter Fertility aims to help make this process easier.

If you need donor eggs and/or sperm, then we can help you purchase these using our international partners. We can also store your donor sperm and donor eggs at Demeter Fertility, for you to use when you want to. These services are offered to heterosexual and same sex couples, as well as single women looking to conceive successfully.

Counselling is a required component of any donor program under Australian Law. We carry out counselling at our rooms. Our counsellors require one session with the recipient and partner (if relevant), one session with the donor and partner (if relevant) and one session with everyone together.

All donors are subject to an extensive screening process. In addition to providing detailed family medical and personal history information, donors undergo semen/egg analysis, a physical examination, extensive blood and urine testing, and genetic screening at our sperm banks. The sperm banks use industry-leading donor screening procedures and adhere strictly to the FDA and state regulations for sperm banks. For donor semen sold outside of the United States, our partner banks comply with all international health authority screening guidelines.

For information about costs associated with counselling, please call 1300 899 850. For information about costs associated with IVF treatment using donor eggs or sperm, contact our Donor Coordinator on 1300 899 850 or via information@demeterfertility.com

This is the fine print. We would like you to pay attention to this. Access to our associated donor egg and sperm services via Demeter Fertility can only occur if the eggs and/or sperm are to be transported to Demeter Fertility and if the treatment will occur at Demeter Fertility. Please note that Demeter Fertility is facilitating the egg/sperm donor arrangement only if the donated eggs and/or sperm are to be used at Demeter Fertility. 

Demeter Fertility has gone to great lengths to obtain permission to utilise these eggs and/or sperm for patients attending our service. To ensure compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements for import, Demeter Fertility will not endorse the transportation of eggs and/or sperm donated from our associated donor banks to any other clinic. All birth details relating to the use of these eggs and/or sperm must be maintained by Demeter Fertility to ensure compliance with the five women limit in NSW.

Demeter Fertility’s IVF donor programme is part of our award winning fertility treatment services from our conveniently located Sydney IVF Clinics. Contact us for more information.

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