Celebrating 40 Years of IVF, Q&A With the World's First IVF Baby

It's 40 years since the successful birth of the first IVF baby, Louise Brown. Since it's introduction, refinements in laboratory technology and clinical practice have allowed IVF to evolve into a medical procedure that is efficient, safe, readily accessible, and relatively affordable. 

With more than seven million babies conceived through IVF It's amazing to see how far reproductive medicine and technology has advanced and even more incredible to think about its future. Further advancements are expected over the next five years, particularly as industry operators incorporate new specialised diagnostic tests and gene-based technologies such as next generation gene sequencing. These innovations are impacting IVF success rates and in turn boosting industry demand. To celebrate the last 40 years of IVF the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recently hosted a special Q&A with Louise Brown, the first IVF baby. To read what Louise Brown has to say about being the first ever IVF success, click here.   

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