Perseverance is key

Patients undergoing fertility treatments will experience varied emotions and stresses that are often fuelled from both internal and external forces. The expectation from family, the comments from friends, and the constant visual cues now scream loudly about your fertility circumstance.

By the time many clients walk into Demeter most have tried really hard, where others have become aware that their biological clock has tick a little too far ahead. For all the reality of needing assistance has now become their total focus. Thank goodness for medical science and the treatment of IVF in assisting couples and singles to fulfil their desire to have a baby. However, like many other medical treatments IVF should not be looked at as a cure but rather a treatment regime that requires perseverance, courage, support, love, and understanding. As a fertility nurse helping singles and couples manage their IVF journey is an extremely rewarding role, but it is nowhere near as rewarding as seeing a positive outcome from the power of perseverance.

As a fertility nurse I know that the IVF journey and the path to success is not an easy one; it takes emotional focus, time, dedication and most importantly perseverance. I believe perseverance is the key to success and as the statistics suggest, success can require anywhere from up to four consecutive cycles. If you have been trying for some time or simply want some advice the staff at Demeter are here to help. 

Jill Wild

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