4 Key Tips for Staying Positive During IVF

Undergoing IVF can be a constant struggle of uncertainty and a strain on the emotional wellbeing of patients. When pregnancy doesn’t occur straight away, the waiting game can become a distressing task. It is vitally important to stay positive during the IVF process, especially when the result seems doubtful. Here are 4 key tips to help you...

1. Have Realistic Expectations

Unfortunately due to confusing information from friends and family, misleading websites or sometimes even from family doctors, patients can often have unrealistic expectations of the IVF process. Rather then relying on misinformed information, understanding the basics of conception will help to develop realistic expectations about the IVF journey. Patients with realistic expectations will be better prepared for the emotional rollercoaster and the complications that can occur along the way. Ask your fertility specialist about your chances of falling pregnant and what you should expect throughout the IVFprocess. 

2. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise will not only improve the maturation of eggs but it will also help you keep a strong mind, decrease your levels of stress and give you more energy to cope. Engage your partner or a friend to help keep you motivated and accountable. 

3. Maintain Your Life Outside Trying To Fall Pregnant

It is important that the treatment does not consume you. Try to maintain your enjoyment in other aspects of your life - maintain a sexual and happy relationship with your partner, go on a holiday or take a mini break, take up a new hobby, study something new, maintain your friendships or do something you've always wanted to do. Continue to discuss any changes or challenges with your partner or trusted support as well as your doctor. 

4. Surround Yourself With The Right Amount Of Support

Support from family and friends may work well in your favour and encourage a positive outlook. However, it can become overwhelming for patients, particularly those who are struggling with the journey. Discuss this with your partner and decide on the most appropriate form of action here. It is not necessary to tell everyone in the early stages. If you aren't coping, don't be afraid to seek further professional help such as counselling. 

Becoming pregnant can be a challenging stage in life whether fertility treatments are needed or not. Remember that patience is key, the journey may be long but it may come with a lifetime reward in the end. A positive attitude is very important to maintain a strong relationship and a healthy wellbeing for the entire family. 

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