Top 5 Apps for Fertility

There are a variety of apps available to help women with fertility issues. We at Demeter Fertility have reviewed the functionality and ease of use of a number of apps and hand-picked our top 5. All these apps are available for both Android and iPhone. 

1. Glow 

This app is very well received, having an average 4.6 star rating out of a total 47,618 reviews on the Google play store. The app has such an enormous range of features which for both conceiving and avoiding pregnancy. The app houses three categories of features: Women’s health (overarching ability for data analysis and prediction), Power Features (ability to connect with fitness applications and cloud functionality) and symptom tracking (calendars, alarms, reminders and log books to track several activities including ovulation, sleep, cervical mucus and many others). In addition to this, the app offers support via the Glow community and the ability for your partner to have a mirror image of your app. 

2. Kindara

Kindara is built with the same purpose as Glow, in that it is used both for conceiving and trying to avoid pregnancy. This app has a 4.1 star rating out of 893 reviews. The predominant reason for the lower rating is due to bugs within the app causing crashes or loss of information. While this is a deterring factor a one of the key features which make Kindara worth considering is the ability to track body temperature via Wink (a device available for purchase separately), which is a wireless oral fertility thermometer to make keeping track of temperature fluctuations easy. With this Wink device your temperature and the time it was taken automatically syncs with your Kindara app.

3. Ovia

Ovia is the best received app by user reviews with a 4.7 star rating out of 37,582 reviews. This is because Ovia offers both a user friendly interface as well as significant tracking capabilities. Ovia also offers accurate predictions for windows of fertility and information in the form of weekly statistic based health summaries. Ovia’s strength is in it's accurate ability to predict and offers an abundance of tips throughout its use. Therefore it is an ideal app for those who are looking to learn.

4. Clue

Clue is slightly different from the apps mentioned so far in that it is not necessarily an app designed for conception but rather for just tracking your menstrual cycle. It has a 4.6 star rating from 223,496 ratings. This apps strongest point is that it does not try and do more than it needs to. It has a very user friendly interface and simply offers you a clear and effective way to track your menstrual cycle through a variety of methods. 

5. Natural Cycles

While natural cycles like all the other apps can be used for both conceiving and preventing pregnancy, it seems to be geared more towards a contraception app. It claims to be 99.5% effective and to be the only certified contraception app. It does also have a ‘plan a pregnancy’ mode but this seems like an afterthought to its primary purpose of preventing pregnancy.

Falling pregnant can be a very challenging stage in life, so why not find all the support you can. We live in a digital age, so take advantage of all kinds of assistance.  At Demeter Fertility, our approach is all about maximising your chances of having a baby. Here are four reasons you should choose Demeter Fertility.

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