Demeter Fertility Helps Young Couple Facing Cancer...

19 year old, Josh, called the Kyle & Jackie O show asking for a $2000 loan for IVF services. His 18 year old girlfriend had been diagnosed with cancer and they had only days to freeze her eggs before commencing radiation therapy. Demeter Fertility's, Dr David Knight was informed and offered the couple free IVF services worth $17,000. 

In January, Monique Comer, 18 years of age was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. For the last two months, Monique has been in and out of hospital and in February, she began chemotherapy. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Monique said that the biggest blow was when her oncologist warned her that chemotherapy could impact her fertility and lower her chances of having a family. In an effort to raise money for IVF services, Josh, Monique's boyfriend of three years, shared this story on the Kyle & Jackie O show, asking for a $2000 loan. Demeter Fertility was informed about this couple's desperate situation and Dr David Knight responded by offering IVF services worth around $17,000. He said, “We thought the sensible thing would be to step up and give them a hand. The cost is irrelevant to us. When you’re doing something for people in dire need, going home and feeling good about it is a far better reward than getting money in the bank".

"I just saw someone in a really difficult situation that needed help. We did what we felt was right". He thought that Demeter Fertility would be the perfect place for Monique to undergo these IVF services given her situation and the supportive nature of the clinic. Monique, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph said, “Dr Knight and his team are excellent – they were so kind and accommodating during the tests".

Monique, having been through the process, is excited and feels secure knowing that she does have options in the future. 

“I feel so overwhelmed at the generosity and kindness. I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve given us the chance to have a family one day", commented Monique. 

Demeter Fertility is about providing couples who are having trouble conceiving with alternative options. Dr David Knight said, “Frankly though, I hope she never has to use the treatment and they can still have children naturally. But knowing there are options, that’s very helpful.”

Demeter Fertility is a Sydney-based fertility and IVF clinic with locations in Hurstville and Liverpool. If you are having trouble conceiving or want to find out more about egg freezing, phone Demeter Fertility on 1300 899 850.

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