Demeter Fertility Specialists on ABC Radio - May 2013

Demeter Fertility’s specialists are regularly interviewed on Australian radio talking about their work at Demeter and sharing their knowledge about fertility and IVF.
In May 2013, ABC Central Coast Radio spoke to Dr Sonya Jessup about her work as a fertility specialist in Sydney. Sonya discussed that it can be quite upsetting for some couples struggling to get pregnant, but she provides advice to those currently going through the challenge of trying to have children. 

Dr David Knight was also interviewed earlier this year by ABC Newcastle Radio about his work in IVF and fertility. David spoke about women freezing their eggs and the growing popularity and success of it for women today. He discussed the benefits of it, the general process that is undertaken when women choose to freeze their eggs, and the reasons why they may choose to take this path. LISTEN HERE.  

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