Dr David Knight and Dr Sonya Jessup on Channel 9 Mornings

Dr David Knight and Dr Sonya Jessup were recently interviewed on Channel 9 Mornings by Sonia Kruger and David Campbell, about their decision to have an IVF baby later in life.

The fertility specialists from Demeter were lucky enough to have their own baby through IVF treatment and are now more experienced than ever when discussing with their patients what to expect on their IVF journey, and helping them through the process.

  • Dr Knight has a history of innovation. He is a pioneer of Mild Ovarian Stimulation in Australia and one of Australia’s most experienced fertility specialists. He achieved the first Australian pregnancy using the new Double Stimulation approach, and has developed the Over40s Program, an extension of his two decades of work with dietary and supplements effects on human reproduction. Committed to a patient-centred approach, he's a leader of a state-of-the-art clinic that continually strives to maximise patient well-being.


    Dr. David Knight