Dr Sonya Jessup provides simple guidelines to increase chances of successful IVF process- September 2014

Demeter Fertility Sydney specialist Dr Sonya Jessup has been through the IVF process herself and has provided some easy to follow guidelines for women in order to increase their chances of successful IVF treatment. Dr Jessup comments that whilst not in an IVF cycle it is still important to live your life normally and not over stress during a cycle, women should follow a number of guidelines in order to increase their chances of falling pregnant. 
Dr Jessup recommends that women should reduce excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine, and smoking should be ceased - as it reduces fertility - to improve their chances of successful IVF treatment. However, she also comments that dying your hair and beauty treatments such as laser treatments and injectables are fine up until pregnancy is confirmed but should not continue once this has happened.  Dr Jessup added a final comment saying that all couples are different and the number one thing to do is to have fun throughout the process! 
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