Fertility Myths

If you’re trying to get pregnant, chances are you’ve done at least a little research and trying all you can at home to help. But research shows some of the most popular conception methods don’t work.

Are you trying these at home?

  1. Lying upside down after sex. This method has been all over popular media, internet, TV shows, social media and the rest. But like many popular activities, there’s not a lot of science behind it. The idea is lying upside-down helps the sperm to get up the cervix and into an egg easier. Our bodies are designed to procreate, so the earths gravity isn’t having any impact on those little swimmers getting where they need to go!
  2. Boxers over Briefs for your boy. A guy definitely has a preference on the type of underwear they’re rocking down there, and there’s no reason this has to change! There is no proof, scientific or otherwise, that suggests tightie-whities or briefs are constricting and impacting the fertility of sperm.
  3. You’ll get pregnant if you do IVF. This is a big no. IVF might be your best chance of getting pregnant if you or your partner have fertility issues but it’s not a miracle worker. Some couples just need a little help, others might need 10 cycles, while some might never experience the outcome they’re after., Everybody’s journey is different and unique, so while seeing a fertility specialist might be your best option, it’s not a guarantee - make sure you listen carefully to everything your doctor tells you and don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions so you have the best understanding of your chances!

What you SHOULD be doing to maximise your chance

  1. Eat well. A healthy balanced diet will set your body up for success. Whether you go natural or need IVF help, the healthier your body, the better your chances - for both me and women! Cut down on carbs and sugars, lower your alcohol intake and maybe include a secret little super food Dr Knight recommends cabbage or cauliflower!
  2. Sleep. It sounds easy enough but with everything that goes son in our lives, something has to give and often times its a few hours sleep. A healthy adult need 6-8 hours sleep a night to aid in the normal and balanced production of all our essentials hormones and chemicals. Better sleep routine = healthier body = higher pregnancy chances.
  3. Meditation. Stress can be a hindrance to conceiving, and studies have shown that even 3 minutes a day to sit down, relax and reflect helps to improve stress levels and productivity immensely. There are plenty of apps, podcasts and videos that can help you get into a good routine - Dr Knight listens to and recommends the podcast ‘Waking Up with Sam Harris’.

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