Same Sex IVF

For many years, the doctors and staff at Demeter Fertility have been helping many same sex couples have families across Sydney and Australia. The excitement and joy of our patients and their extended friends and relatives when a hope becomes a reality is a wonderful part of our role as a fertility clinic.

Over the years we have moved from the initial days of intrauterine insemination, often with sperm from a known donor, to offering an immediate donor sperm service along with IVF, ICSI and now donor eggs.

The LGBTIQ community is diverse and as such, so often are the needs of the individuals and couples. We know that rainbow families may come in different shapes and sizes. The children born with help from our service may have two mums or dads, or any combination of parents or co-parents caring for the children. Some may be sole parents who are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Some rainbow families may be the result of known donors or surrogates in their extended families, and rainbow families are as diverse in socio-economic background, disability, language, culture and religion as all Australian families.

At Demeter Fertility we recognise both the similarities and differences in our patients wanting to start or expand their own Rainbow Families. All our patients have access to full nursing support, our experienced counsellor and access to clinic recruited donor sperm and donor eggs. We discuss and help put in place processes whereby donor sperm can be purchased and stored for each partner in a lesbian relationship allowing for either woman to use her eggs and carry a child that has the same donor genetics as the other children in the family.

Demeter Fertility offers an inclusive service for all our patients. No matter what your age, marital status, race, religious beliefs, weight, occupation or sexual identification and orientation, you can relax knowing that we will work with you to help you. With the wealth of experience garnered by years of practice in IVF and assisted reproductive technology, as well as a strong and successful donor program, Demeter Fertility and its doctors are well placed to help you and your partner create your family. Furthermore, the Demeter Fertility Sperm Donor program just makes it easier to source the required gametes, and once purchased, these gametes are yours.

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