Mild Ovarian Stimulation

Demeter Fertility were the pioneers of the Mild Ovarian Stimulation technique in Australia. This IVF technique focuses on administering lower doses of FSH for fewer days. Studies have shown that using lower doses of FSH can increase the chances of pregnancy in comparison to higher doses. Combined with added benefit of less side effects for patients, Mild Ovarian Stimulation is a technique that is often used at Demeter Fertility.

A recently published study based on more than 650,000 IVF cycles* clearly indicated that giving higher doses of hormones reduced the chances of pregnancy. Mild Ovarian Stimulation aims to retrieve fewer eggs that are that are higher quality with the aim of creating more viable embryos that produce babies.

Mild Ovarian Stimulation is more difficult and less convenient for doctors and IVF clinics, but is much more convenient and tolerable for patients.

Demeter Fertility’s Mild Ovarian Stimulation technique is part of our award winning fertility treatment services from our conveniently located Sydney IVF Clinics.

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*Fertility & Sterility, November 2015. Gonadotropin dose is negatively correlated with live birth rate: analysis of more than 650,000 assisted reproductive technology cycles

*Human Reproduction, November, 2010. Mild Ovarian Stimulation for IVF: 10 Years Later.