Recurrent Implantation Failure

If you are experiencing recurrent implantation failure (RIF), you are well versed in the world of IVF and the emotional roller coaster associated. RIF is common, more so in different groups, but most common in women with a low AMH, maybe PCOS, other medical conditions and where couples are generally unhealthy. The emotional despair experienced by many, can lead to giving up, often after your doctor has shrugged their shoulders with the advice to ‘just keep trying” or “ it’s not worth it” or “what about donor eggs”. Now these suggestions might be suitable, but for many, not so much. If things aren’t straight forward, surely asking and answering the question, “Why?” can lead to new ideas and different approaches around investigation and treatment. 

The background reasons for RIF can be many and varied. These include; general health aspects such as sugar and lipid metabolism, inflammation, micribiomal changes; egg quality issues (why are these occurring?), as well as endometrial receptivity. For many years now, fertility specialists have been considering the role of the endometrium as a sensor for embryo quality. Not only does it now appear that the endometrium needs to be discerning, but if these are your circumstances, so do you. To date, clinical interventions aimed at treating recurrent implantation failure have been characterised by their similarity and disappointing efficacy. 

The human body responds to its genes and the exposures over its life and the effects of all of these genes and exposures determine how your body works at a particular moment in time. Finding fixable, tweakable issues can have profound effects on how the body works. Well, this is our bread and butter, finding things that others haven’t, and partnering with you to develop mechanisms to change how your body responds in different circumstances, to increase your chances of implantation. If this is you, and you’re still not pregnant, perhaps it’s time to think outside the box and get an opinion from others that also think outside the box.

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