IVF Treatments

The use of IVF and the associated fertility treatments is now a mainstream, standard and off-the-shelf traditional medical treatment. There is no magic associate with IVF programs.

As a mature medical industry, all IVF Units offer very similar services. Furthermore, nearly all of the technology is off-the-shelf and commercially available. Off the shelf services in a fertility unit in Australia include; Timed intercourse, Ovulation monitoring, Intra-uterine insemination, IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, embryo freezing, embryo biopsy and pre-implantation screening, testicular biopsy and sperm aspiration, endometrial testing (ERA), Embryo glue and lipoidal flushing. Yes, all of these are standard and routine services available at Demeter Fertility.

Demeter Fertility introduced, Mild Ovarian Stimulation, Luteal Stimulation and Ovarian Rejuvenation with PRP to Australia as well as being the first IVF Unit in Australia to have undertaken Service Level Agreements with multiple overseas Donor Banks. Demeter Fertility does not discriminate or judge. We welcome patients of a wide range of characteristics, definitively LGBTQI+ friendly and have no weight limit, age limit or problem limit that would preclude our doctors from listening to your story and providing you with an opinion and an approach for your issue or issues. Everyone has problems, we deal with them in different ways. Sometimes it’s just the opportunity that is required, sometime its persistence and at other times, authentic understanding and acknowledgement.

We offer all standard IVF approaches and treatments including:

Timed Intercourse








Recurrent Implantation Failure

Embryo Glue


Ovarian Rejuvenation


Poppy Seed Oil Flush

Egg Freezing

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