Egg Freezing

Planning for the Future

Egg freezing is a well-established service whereby our specialists work with our patients to collect and freeze their eggs, to allow women the opportunity to conceive in the future. This gives a level of protection by facilitating higher pregnancy rates associated with eggs frozen at a younger age.

Demeter Fertility performs egg freezing for any women who wish to undertake the procedures. Often these women fall into two categories:

  • Women with medical issues affecting future fertility, including those with upcoming cancer treatments, surgical procedures that require removal of part or all of the ovaries and also those with the known possibility of early menopause.
  • Women with relatively normal fertility that are not currently planning to have children – dubbed “social egg freezing”, for women who are aiming towards pregnancy later in life.
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The process of egg freezing is relatively simple:

  1. Hormonal stimulation - taking hormone medication for 8 to 14 days to help stimulate your ovaries. Our fertility specialists will outline your options regarding the best medications and stimulation techniques for you, but medication usually takes the form of hormone injections using a tiny needle.
  2. Egg collection - Once our fertility team verify there are enough eggs for a procedure, you will undergo a 10-15min procedure under local anaesthetic or sedation. Your IVF doctor will extract the eggs vaginally, so no need to worry about any scarring. After waking up in recovery, you'll then be able to go home 1-2hrs later
  3. Freezing the eggs - Once your eggs are frozen and in the laboratory, they will undergo a process called vitrification, which rapidly freezes the eggs to avoid any damage caused from excess water content in the eggs. Once vitrified, your eggs can be stored for as long as you wish

Besides being one of the most well-established fertility clinics in Sydney, Demeter Fertility provides connections to some of the most experienced IVF specialists and embryology team, all led by our medical director, Dr David Knight. Your fertility doctor will be able to consider your individual circumstances and outline what options are available to you. Egg freezing is provided through Demeter Fertility as an ideal option for all those wishing to start a family at a later date.

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