Welcome to Demeter Fertility

Best Fertility Clinic in Sydney
Quality Business Awards 2023

Demeter Fertility is an established and award-winning fertility clinic in Sydney dedicated to helping
you realise your dream of parenthood.

Why Choose Demeter?

Whole-body approach to fertility

We support you to improve your overall health and natural fertility so you can conceive, pass on healthy genes and be actively involved as your kids grow up.

Decades of IVF experience

Dr David Knight has 30 years’ experience in IVF. He established Demeter Fertility back in 2009 meaning the first Demeter babies are now well into their teens!

Small clinic Driven by care, not profits

An inclusive, empathetic ethos of care drives our work because we’re owned by doctors, not beholden to shareholders. A small clinic means patient care first.

We won’t turn you away

Some clinics like to cherry-pick their patients so they look more successful. Many of our patients have been turned away from other clinics due to their age, weight or sexuality.

We’re not like that. We don’t believe in barriers to fertility treatment. In fact, we love helping ‘the hard cases’ experience the joy of parenthood.

We’re here for everyone who’s tired of a ‘Coles and Woolies’ approach to fertility treatment. We’re more like your friendly local greengrocer who knows their product well and is closer to suppliers and customers. We offer personalised treatment that meets your needs.

Our services

We are an innovative fertility clinic at the forefront of new technology and techniques. We’re constantly honing our skills so we can offer you the best opportunity to reach your goals.

This includes multi-COS cycles (collecting eggs more than once in a cycle), improving oocyte quality using mitochondrial function and medical approaches to reduce associated medical issues, just to name a few.

Sydney’s affordable fertility clinic

While we don’t bulk bill, we are more affordable than all larger clinics.

That’s not because we compromise on quality – we offer an impressively high standard of care.

It’s because we recognise that not all costs are essential to your treatment and we adjust our practices to ensure you only pay for what you really need.

For example, we provide egg collection in our consulting rooms under local anaesthetic. That achieves treatment goals while saving you the expense of a hospital admission for a general anaesthetic.

When we multiply those changes across many areas of your fertility treatment, you could potentially save thousands of dollars.

Meet the team

Led by our Medical Director, Dr David Knight, our team of doctors are all accredited and experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists.

Our staff and IVF doctors understand how powerful and important this technology is at a very personal and emotional level. We endeavour to ensure each of our patients receives care and support to rival the cutting-edge medical services we provide.

Every step of the way, our team members walk alongside you to track, support and guide you through your journey. You’ll probably see the same few people at each encounter, helping you to feel recognised and understood.

Our whole-body approach to fertility treatment

Reproduction is about far more than sperm and eggs.

Good overall health increases your chances of getting pregnant. It also improves the genes you pass onto your baby, giving them the best chance of enjoying a healthy life.

Good health also improves your chances of being an active parent (hopefully a grandparent too eventually). You want to be able to handle sleepless nights and toddler tantrums, play backyard cricket and support your kids through the rocky teenage years and into adulthood.

We help you by conducting specialised tests to assess your overall health status, then recommending tailored supplements and lifestyle changes that can boost your health and vitality. Our doctors will likely send you for tests you’ve not had before, discuss health impacts you aren’t familiar with or provide recommendations you didn’t even
know were an option. Fertility treatment isn’t one size fits all and we wholly believe there’s always more we can do.

After all, your fertility story is just the start of parenthood. Once your child is born, you want to be around for them for as long as possible.

Our whole-body approach to fertility achieves so much more than a pregnancy. It lays a strong foundation for an enduring family life.

Your fertility journey at Demeter Fertility

Every patient is unique but there are certain key steps in your journey at Demeter Fertility. Your journey is likely to look a little like this…


Book your appointment

  • Contact us and we’ll answer your questions
  • Get a referral from your GP (required to see any medical specialist)
  • Pay a deposit

First appointment

with your doctor* (1 hour)

  • Review your medical history, goals and frustrations
  • Consider your options
  • Recommend tests

Get some tests done

  • May take 2-12 weeks depending on the tests requested

Follow-up appointment

with your doctor* (1 hour)

  • Review test results
  • Recommend a treatment plan for your consideration

Nurse-led consultation

(in person or via phone call)
  • Opportunity to go through information again at your own pace
  • Discussion of treatment recommendations and how you wish to proceed

Commence treatment

*We offer appointments with our doctors through telehealth or at our clinics in Liverpool, Hurstville and Wahroonga

Remember, your doctor’s recommendations are just that. We don’t tell you what to do. We offer choices and help you consider them.