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As one of the leading IVF clinics in Sydney, Demeter Fertility provides a no-barriers, all-inclusive and welcoming environment for your fertility journey. We utilise innovative and cutting edge techniques, and work alongside a team of highly trained IVF doctors, all working towards giving you the best chance at having a baby.


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Demeter Fertility is an established team of IVF doctors and medical support professionals, located primarily in Hurstville and Liverpool, but with treatment sites across other Sydney locations (depending on which of our experienced IVF doctors you choose to visit for fertility treatment).
Demeter Fertility is a privately-owned, family-run clinic. Amongst the thousands of cycles run through our clinic, the Demeter lab has made a son and a grandson for our medical director. Our staff and IVF doctors understand how powerful and important this technology is at a very personal and emotional level. We endeavour to ensure each of our patients receive the utmost support and care, to complement the cutting edge medical services we provide. 
We specifically seek to be an innovative fertility clinic and stay at the forefront of new technology and techniques to offer the best opportunity to reach your goals. This includes multi-COS cycles (collecting eggs more than once in a cycle), improving oocyte quality using mitochondrial function and medical approaches to reduce associated medical issues, just to name a few. 

It’s difficult to establish what makes the best IVF clinic: success rates, tailored service, time, care? Every patient is on a unique and individual journey, and therefore each patient will have a different set of criteria for what will make the best IVF clinic for them. Demeter Fertility strives to deliver fertility treatment and IVF services that are individualised to each patient who comes through our doors.
Whether you’re after every tiny piece of information, or an educated answer to some complicated questions, or just want to be met by a team that can offer you some control over your fertility decisions, we are here to provide services that are for your best interest physically, mentally and emotionally. 
Demeter Fertility is a small, independently owned fertility clinic with a small list of IVF doctors and affiliates who contract with our laboratories. Every step of the way you will work with one of our team members to track, support and guide you through your journey. It is not unlikely you will talk with the same few people every time,  so that you finish your journey with us as friends and family.
With many options for a fertility clinic in Hurstville, Liverpool or the wider Sydney area, it can be difficult to choose the best IVF clinic for you. But at Demeter Fertility, we will be there for you every step of the way.

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