What’s the Demeter difference? We remain a family business. Our lab has made a son and a grandson for Dr Knight. He understands how powerful this technology at a very personal and emotional level. Demeter Fertility has specifically sought to be a leading fertility clinic that is focussed on applying new approaches to maximise conception chances, including multi-COS (collecting eggs more than once a cycle), improving oocyte quality (understanding mitochondrial function, the role of the microbiome and cellular efficiency), medical approaches to reduce associated medical issues to name but a few.

Janie Marsden

General Manager

Alison Boyd

Business Manager

Kristine Carlson

Head of Nursing

Jennifer Harris

Scientific Director

Benjamin Marsden

Donor Coodinator

+ Embryologist

Debra Scerri

Patient Care


Paola Vargas

Executive Assistant

Teresa Janzek

Administrative Team

Bridie Goonan

Marketing Coordinator

Catherine Ramsey

Patient Services Coordinator

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