Ovarian Rejuvenation (PRP)

Our cutting-edge fertility treatment program maximises your chances of conception with a holistic approach and world-class support.

In 2017, Dr Knight was the first doctor in Australia to perform the Ovarian PRP procedure, and has been treating women from all around Australia (and overseas, prior to Covid) with this technique since. To date, he has performed hundreds of these procedures. Since the introduction in 2017, there have been many changes in both the information available about this procedure and how it can be undertaken to maximise outcome. But the Demeter ovarian rejuvenation program is a holistic approach to the issue of ovarian ageing, and to our best knowledge, the only Program of its type in the world.

Dr Knight has devised a robust and comprehensive measurement, investigation and treatment process to complement the use of the Ovarian PRP procedure. The Demeter Ovarian Rejuvenation program has been developed for women who have known “decreased” or “impaired” ovarian function diagnoses. These diagnoses include 

  • Recurrent Implantation Failure
  • Low AMH
  • Age-related Subfertility (Over 40s)
  • Premature Ovarian Failure

The Program encompasses improving cellular function in whole body tissues, with the end effect of improving damaged or prematurely aged organ function, especially ovarian function aimed at activating dormant follicles as well as up-regulating ovarian germ cells in the  generation of more oocytes. The different treatment modalities include useful lifestyle habit changes, senotherapy (the treatment of senescent cells), gene repair activation by way of mTOR suppression and NAD+ activation and ovarian follicle activation or renewal with infusion of platelet rich plasma. These can be done separately or in different combinations depending upon individual requirements.

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