Over 40s

The Demeter Fertility Over 40s Program is a proactive and evidence-based holistic approach to healthy fertility and IVF, aimed at maximising your chances of having a baby later in life. For women trying to get pregnant after 40, Demeter Fertility doctors’ opinion is that this is urgent and an individualised treatment approach is appropriate.

Time is one of the most important factors with decreased ovarian reserve, a condition most 40+ women face. The sooner treatment can be started, the higher a woman’s pregnancy chances. And there are multiple types of treatment available to women over 40 to improve their ovarian function, and maximise the ability of their eggs to make babies. However, it is important to keep in mind that some of the treatments offered by IVF Units may not be the best option for women over 40 who have decreased ovarian reserve. For example, women in this age group DO NOT benefit from the assembly line approach of standard IVF, the Demeter Fertility approach is a proactive and aggressive treatment philosophy to maximise your chance of pregnancy.

For most women looking to get pregnant with their own eggs, including those over age 40, IVF with ovarian stimulation is generally the quickest and most reliable treatment option, around 10 times more likely on a monthly basis to result in a pregnancy compared to sexual intercourse alone. It’s another example of the IVF technology maximising the ability of an egg that can make a baby, to make a baby. However, doctors at Demeter Fertility believe that women Ove 40 attempting IVF need to be treated differently from those under 40. For instance, women over 40 often require supplementation to readjust their ovarian environment to a more youthful, androgen-rich state before commencing IVF treatment. This allows eggs to undergo a healthier maturation process. 

Once the IVF cycle starts, your Demeter Fertility doctor will tailor the protocols to match your needs. You will not find a one-size-fits-all protocol here at Demeter Fertility. This approach has resulted in impressive pregnancy rates, even for women at advanced maternal ages up to age 47, as well as for those with severely diminished ovarian reserve.

An example of the above is the use of DHEA. The appropriate use of DHEA supplementation has spread worldwide with remarkable results when used in the right circumstances. The major benefits of DHEA for fertility include:

  • an increase in the quality and quantity of eggs and embryos
  • increased spontaneous pregnancy rate

Other Standard IVF Treatments:

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