The Donor Program

Donor Program at Demeter

Demeter Fertility offers the most comprehensive, “no wait” donor program in Australia. The use of donor sperm and/or eggs can be a challenge in many ways. One of the hardest parts when you have decided to un-dertake this option is often finding someone to help, by providing their eggs or sperm in order to build your family. To help in this regard, Demeter Fertility has formed partnerships with some of the most highly regarded Donor Banks around the world. This means when undergoing our donor program, you can browse through our affiliated donor banks to find the right option. Or if you already have a donor, you can come and see us to begin the process straight up.

Open to All

Demeter Fertility is an LGBTQI+ friendly and welcoming clinic, with same sex partners, transgendered people and single women making up the majority of our donor program patients.

Access to our associated donor egg and sperm services is only available for treatments occurring at Demeter Fertility and for active patients. To ensure legal compliance, Demeter Fertility will arrange and manage all aspects of transport and storage.

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