Specialty Treatments

There is no standard fertility patient, woman, man or other. The reasons for pursuing fertility support are wide ranging and as part of this, Demeter Fertility does not have any limitations on patients; weight, age, sexual orientation or anything else. There are however more complicated or challenging fertility diagnoses. That’s why Demeter offers individually-catered treatment services for these instances. Dr Knight relishes education and keeping up to date on innovative treatments and services, making him one of the leading fertility doctors in Australia.


Anyone seeking specialised fertility treatments should consider Demeter Fertility, for our expertise in maximising your chances of having a baby. With innovative programs, individually-catered treatment services, and advanced treatments such as low AMH testing, ovarian rejuvenation therapy, and recurrent implantation failure management, Our commitment to education and staying up to date with the latest innovative treatments make us one of a leading IVF clinics in Sydney. Explore our specialty IVF treatments below:

Specialty IVF Treatments:

Demeter Fertility’s Over 40s program is an innovative program focussed on maximising your chances of having a baby later in life. Although age is a factor to note when considering IVF, trying to have kids later in life does not me IVF is unsuitable for you.

Recurrent implantation failure (RIF) refers to the repeated inability of a fertilised egg to achieve successful implantation in the uterus, leading to repeated pregnancy losses. Demeter Fertility provides several pathways on how to navigate a diagnosis of RIF, and provide you with a path forward.

Low AMH levels indicate a decreased reserve of follicles in a woman’s ovaries, which can impact her ability to conceive. This hormonal marker can provide useful information for developing a treatment plan for infertility.

Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy is a minimally-invasive procedure aimed at improving quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs. By using advanced methods,  the goal is to restore ovarian function for better future chances of having a baby

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