Natural Fertility

The Natural Approach

This approach at Demeter Fertility is around the use of a science-based and big-hearted approach to help you address detectable and modifiable risk factors, in order to reverse modify your fertility challenges. 

The focus of this approach is pregnancy preparation. This is one of the most important things you can do to maximise your odds of conceiving quickly, as well as reduce your odds of complications. You will be setting up yourself, your child, and their children for an improved chance of a healthy life, no matter what you’ve experienced up to this point.Demeter Fertility performs egg freezing for any women who wish to undertake the procedures. Often these women fall into two categories:

The Power of the Premester


Many women know little about the concept of the Premester, the powerful window of opportunity occurring in the 6-12 months prior to pregnancy, and the first of the three Trimesters of pregnancy. We literally have the power to change the quality and expression of the genes that we pass down to our babies and grandbabies. 

Why is this? We are born with our genes, but as well as the genes we inherit, there is additional information attached to our genes that is called the epigenome. BUT. Our epigenome also collects pollution. This pollution comes from how we live – our diet, sleeping patterns, physical activity level, emotional life. And we now know that this can be passed on for at least two generations. 

Natural Fertility at Demeter


Not only does the Natural Fertility Program at Demeter improve egg and sperm quality, it has this amazing side effect of decreasing your suffering from health decline, and increasing your chances of being alive and healthy for many years to come. Oh, did we mention that it also increases baby rates?

Other Standard IVF Treatments:

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