Dr David Knight – Menopause & New Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

Dr David Knight from Demeter Fertility discusses menopause with the Studio 10 audience, highlighting the exciting new therapy being offered called Ovarian Rejuvenation. Currently in trials around the world this experimental procedure has the potential to be a game changer. For more information, click here.

Donor Sperm in Australia

In Australia, around 60,000 children have been born as a result of donor sperm. As such Donor Sperm is an extremely useful practice, that has led to the creation of families that otherwise would not exist. For same-sex couples, couples with male infertility or genetic medical conditions, and single females, Donor Sperm provides a viable …

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Top Tips for Conceiving in 2022

For many, conceiving doesn’t happen in the time frame they expect. It can be frustrating, stressful and upsetting. New Year could be the perfect time to reconsider options. Give yourself the best chance of having a baby in 2022. Top tips to conceiving naturally: Maintain a healthy lifestyle – Consume a balanced diet (rich in …

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Single Women & IVF

New pathways to parenthood have recently emerged that did not exist, nor had even been imagined, at the turn of the 21st century. The Centre for Family Research highlights this point, “Individuals who were previously unknown to each other have begun to meet over the internet with the purpose of having children together; transgender men …

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Podcast – Ovarian Rejuvenation with Dr. Knight on Beat Infertility Podcast

Dr. Knight and host of Beat Infertility Podcast, Heather Huhman, discuss the use of regenerative medicine and ovarian rejuvenation therapy in helping women struggling with infertility to conceive. Some of the topics covered in this episode: What is regenerative medicine? What role does it play in overall health and wellbeing? How long has it been …

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How Sleep Might Be Affecting Your Fertility

Sleep and sleep disturbances are increasingly recognised as determinants of women’s health and wellbeing, particularly in the context of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. While the relationship between sleep and fertility is largely unknown, more research is being published highlighting the relationship between sleep disturbance and reproductive health. With respect to reproductive capacity, the …

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