No Barriers IVF

No two people are the same, so there are numerous reasons you may be seeking fertility advice, treatment or support. Because of this, Demeter Fertility doesn’t have any cut offs or barriers to accessing treatment and information. We work with patients of all demographics, ages, body types, sexuality and more in an attempt to provide the best options and support available to your situation.

Demeter Fertility fundamentally believes in providing support, information and treatment for anyone who wants it. These are our long standing values at Demeter and are consistent with the federal anti-discrimination legislation.

Many clinics are concerned with meeting the success rate benchmark set by society but this means being particular about the clientele they will work with. Women who are in more difficult demographics such as higher BMIs or older in age, take longer to have successful outcomes, if any. This in turn will impact that clinics ‘success rates’ per cycle. At Demeter we are more concerned with the each individuals successful outcomes and giving each patient unique and tailored treatment to ensure, no matter how long it takes, the patient feels they have been given every opportunity and support to reach their goals.