The Emsella Chair is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that can improve incontinence. Each 30 minute session is the equivalent of 11,200 pelvic floor exercises.

Your pelvic floor health is very important after having a baby and as you age. In fact many women experience incontinence during pregnancy and especially after having a baby.

The most common pelvic floor issues following childbirth is urinary incontinence. A sneeze, cough, laughter or exercise is enough to produce leakage. Additionally, vaginal laxity, which is a sense of ‘openness’ in the vagina can also be an issue. This can lead to a decreased sensation during sex. The stretching and increased laxity of the tissues can cause the bladder to sag over the anterior wall of the vagina, which can interfere with the proper function of the bladder when it is full.

The Emsella Chair uses advanced electromagnetic energy to engage all the muscles of the pelvis and produce thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions simultaneously. The action is similar to kegel exercises, however, with far more intensity.


  • Performed in the comfort of our clinic
  • Simply sit in the Emsella Chair fully clothed for each treatment session
  • 6 treatment cycles of 30 minutes, over 3 weeks
  • No downtime, you can go back to your normal activities following the procedure

Its aim is to restore neuromuscular control in the pelvic region, particularly pelvic floor muscles and the bladder. By doing so, the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and improved dramatically, the vaginal walls are tightened and urinary and urge incontinence is decreased.

The results are both instantaneous and ongoing. With as few as six treatment cycles in three weeks, patients strongly agree their incidence of stress urinary incontinence was improved by 95%!

Pioneers for Emsella in Australia

After seeing women struggle with incontinence issues post pregnancy, Dr David Knight was intent of finding a safe and effective solutions for his patients with urinary and stress incontinence. Demeter is one of the first clinics in Australia to have the FDA and TGA approved Emsella chair.

“It is filling a real gap for our patients. Mesh surgery complications have been well documented and in some cases banned completely, but it leaves women with few options for incontinence. The Emsella chair really changes that. It is already used extensively in the USA to treat incontinence. Doing your pelvic floor exercises everyday doesn’t really compare. We’ve had some amazing turnrounds for our patients. It really is life changing for many of them,” says Dr David Knight.

“Interestingly, we are seeing emerging evidence about the Emsella chair’s effectiveness for treatment of incontinence and erectile dysfunction in men. We have started to trial the use of the Emsella chair for these indications at Demeter.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Emsella chair and if this treatment is right for you, give us a call at 1300 899 850 to schedule a free consultation or contact us.