Dr David Knight on Body + Soul about the Uterus & Menstruation

Women accept that their period will deliver cramps and bloating, but did you ever stop to think why?

A picture of two life-size uterus’, one regular and one during mid flow is doing the rounds on social media. The mid-flow uterus is twice the size of a non-menstruating uterus.

According to fertility specialist, gynecologist, obstetrician and reproductive endocrinologist Dr David Knight, the answer is no.“It’s not accurate,” he explains to Body+Soul.

“The uterus is a muscle and there is no physiological basis for the uterus to double in size because the endometrium is shedding. There is certainly no published data to back it up.”

The snap has been shared more than 29,000 times and over 7,000 comments, with women tagging their friends to pass on the information. Many of the comments show how little women know about their reproductive health and what happens to their body every month.

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