Why We Get Such Great Outcomes

Innovation, investigation & quality over quantity is the key…

Commitment To Innovation

Demeter Fertility is about innovation backed by experience and clinical evidence. Demeter Fertility is always at the cutting edge of clinical research looking globally for fertility treatments and procedures that can be introduced to improve your chance of having a baby.

We have been early adopters of many techniques and the developer of many unique programs including¬†Mild Ovarian Stimulation,¬†Lipiodol IVF (flushing),¬†Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy¬†and¬†Over 40’s Fertility & IVF Program.

Commitment To Understand Your Underlying Causes of Infertility

We get many patients from other clinics wanting second opinions and wanting something more. They have tired of the cookie cutter approach to their infertility where they may see different doctors. Demeter Fertility has earned a reputation for its investigative approach, rigorous testing and seeking to understand the reasons behind infertility. Whether it be an initial fertility consultation for someone having trouble falling pregnant or a patient that has been through multiple failed attempts at IVF Demeter Fertility doctors are all driven to navigate, investigate and understand the complexities of your fertility and eliminate potential blockages to pregnancy.

Commitment To Getting The Right Egg

There is much focus on the quantity of eggs in the egg collection process. Patients mistakenly focus on the number of eggs versus the quality of the eggs being collected. Demeter Fertility focuses on retrieving the best quality eggs, that is those eggs that have the best chance of making a baby. Dr David Knight shares in his video below why getting the right egg is so important.

Demeter Fertility delivers personalised fertility treatment programs at our Sydney IVF clinics.

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