A Typical IVF Cycle Journey

Every patients experience with their fertility journey will be very different, but there is a general step by step process that almost every patient will follow.

See a specialist! Whether you’ve done it all before, have researched for hours or are coming into this blind, every patient will start their journey by seeing one of our doctors.

Undertake any tests or monitoring and reading the specialist has suggested

Once a treatment plan is agreed on and your specialist has reviewed all results, a nurse will contact you

On the first day of your menstrual cycle (when you start bleeding on your period) call the clinic to notify. Your Day 1 will be recorded and you will hear from a nurse about the next steps

Generally you will start your medication between day 3-5 (IVF/ICSI cycle specific and may vary depending on the treatment prescribed by your doctor).

For the follow 7-10 days you will be monitored with blood tests and ultrasounds to track your hormone levels and follicular growth (if you have eggs growing to be collected!)

Approximately day 10-14 you will undergo an egg collection to collect your egg or eggs that have grown throughout your cycle

You eggs will be transferred to the lab and our embryologists will perform the IVF or ICSI procedures to fertilise your eggs. Or if you’re having a egg freeze cycle they will grow and freeze your eggs.

The process of fertilisation takes 2-5 days depending and when they have information on your embryos outcomes, you will be notified by a nurse.

A transfer will take place 2-5 days after your collection

2 weeks after your embryo transfer you will be due for a pregnancy test, take this blood test and wait to hear from a nurse in 1-2  days for your result!



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