Purchasing Donor Eggs and Sperm

If you’ve been through rounds and round of IVF or donor is your only option as a single woman or same sex couple, then you’ve probably already done hours of research on what your options are.

But once you’ve decided to go down this path, the journey can feel like it’s taken out of your hands a little bit and you’re relying on the clinic you’ve chosen to go with to determine your donor.

In Australia we don’t have national donor registers or recognised donor banks, so the best option is to connect with an established and trusted international bank. Many banks have contracts and SLAs signed  with specific clinics in Australia, so options can become limited or tied away behind red tape. Demeter have spent many years communicating with various donor banks to provide extensive options for our patients.

The donor process can seem convoluted but is actually very simple if you follow the steps below;

  1. Book an appointment with a specialist – whether you are undergoing standard fertility treatments, donor otherwise every patient need to ensure their fertility specialist is right for them and our  doctors need to tick  all the relevant boxes  to ensure we offer treatment options that best suit you, your  body and your needs
  2. Meet with our donor coordinator – At Demeter our DC is also one of our embryologists, Ben. So you know the same person will be looking after your donor tissue from day one all the way through to transfer
  3. Browse through the numerous banks – we have contracts with until you have found 2 or 3 donor options you are comfortable with. We recommend having more than one in case the donor in no longer available or further testing shows the option may be unsuitable. We don’t want you to go through all the effort to find your option can’t be used.
  4. Provide our DC with your preferences – and he will ensure all the requirements for Australian fertility are met
  5. Undergo your psychologist appointment –  with our RTAC licensed practitioner to tick all the boxes required to undergo donor in Australia
  6. Once all the medical and psychological needs have been met and our specialists and psychologists are happy, you can purchase your donor

From this point, it’s pretty easy!

Our DC will liaise with the bank, organise and  monitor the shipping and let you know when the donor material has arrived in our clinic

You can now start your cycle! You can read about how a cycle journey looks here.

For more information on our donor program, you can speak to our donor coordinator by calling Demeter on 1300 899 850.

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